Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reason #30: Grocery Cart Identities

Every Sunday I do my grocery shopping a) because I like to get fresh produce weekly, and b) because I love the grocery store. Now there are two types of people out there, those that love to grocery shop and those that hate to grocery shop. Type 1 hates the grocery store and will go in with 5 products in mind, grab those five products, and then check out as quickly as possible. Type 2, such as myself, prepares a list, yet explores every aisle and compares products to find the healthiest, most delicious, and most affordable products.
So since I shop solo (apparently no one wants to accompany me in my "market" studies), I have become very observant of the people around me especially when I am standing at the checkout line. So while I'm killing time waiting in line behind other customers, I can not help but notice what the people in front of me are buying? Come on, we all do it. However, sometimes I feel like I'm being a bit intrusive by looking – I immediately feel like I know about their lives just from the grocery cart. For instance….

Grocery Cart: Sausage, Doritos, Hot Dogs, Hot Dog Buns, Hamburgers, 2 cases of Budlight, matches, Tums, Mustard
Verdict: Male who is about to tailgate at a football game with the rest of his hungry, meat-loving buddies?

Grocery Cart: String Cheese, Box of Cheerios, Go-gurts, Loaf of Bread, Pudding Snacks, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Ground Beef, Shredded Cheese, Wraps, 8 Coupons
Verdict: Money-conscious Mom with young kids who plans on making tacos tonight?

Grocery Cart: 6-pack of Yuengling, Tide detergent, Spaghetti, Jar of Tomato Sauce, Ground Beef, Bananas, Breadcrumbs
Verdict: Single male trying to get in and out of the store as fast as possible so he can finally do his laundry and make spaghetti and meatballs?

Grocery Cart: 8 Yoplait Yogurts, Lean Cuisines, Apples, Oranges, Instant Oatmeal, Granola Bars
Verdict: Single, career-woman, who watches weight, rarely cooks for herself and prefers quick options?

Grocery Cart: Fage yogurt, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Flaxseed, oats, bananas, spinach, Laughing Cow Cheese, carrots, apples
Verdict: Most definitely a food blogger?

Grocery Cart: Ben and Jerry's ice cream, box of brownie mix, whipped cream, tissues, People magazine
Verdict: Woman who either a) lost her job, b) broke up with her boyfriend, or c) is celebrating a birthday and has a cold.

Looking at what people purchase at the grocery store can really give you insight into their personal lives. Come on, you know the man with the TV dinners in the cart is probably recently divorced and is clueless in the kitchen. Or the mom with the "Cocoa Krispies" cereal box only purchased the unhealthy product to stop her child from crying in the store. What does your cart say about you???


  1. HAHAHA I laughed out loud at the description of the cart with Fage, flax etc because I was reading that thinking it sounded like me and then you dubbed it a food blogger! Way to hit the nail on the head. :) I will admit to being a teeeeeny bit self-righteous about my more virtuously filled shopping carts though...I'll consider it a random benefit of food blogging - I can't help but over-think it!

  2. This was really funny! I wonder what people think about me and my folding grocery cart...