Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reason #29: The John Dory

First things first, my 1980s computer unfortunately passed away this past Friday after 7 years of computer life. I knew it was time to lay him to rest when he started screeching and his screen started to spasm and seizure gyrate. A wireless card and blog survive him. Unfortunately, during this mourning time, my blog posts for the next week or two may be sporadic until I find a replacement.

Now on to happier news, my family and I went to The John Dory (sister restaurant to Spotted Pig) for brunch this afternoon, which is located in the meatpacking district right next to the Chelsea Market. For those of you who are not familiar with this restaurant, it is April Bloomfield's newest venture with restaurateur Ken Friedman

The six of us wedged ourselves into the cozy, intimate tables at the John Dory. The decor of the restaurant was quite remarkable as it was covered with seafood-shack artwork and fish tiles, and a wall-size aquaraium with live neon yellow and bright fish illuminating the bar.

We had some fantastic food, but I have highlighted the table's favorites below:

Bacon, Guinness, and Apple fritters
Ram Island Oysters from Maine
Hangtown Fry Omelet - fritatta with bacon, jalapenos, Ram Island oysters
Welsh Rarebit
Crab en Cocotte

Compliments of the Chef, we got the best french toast I have ever tasted. Overall, the service was fantastic, and the food was delicious. I can't wait to try it out for dinner.

Following brunch, seven of my friends and I went to dinner at the Rocking Horse Mexican Cafe in Chelsea to celebrate a friend's engagement. Burritos are extremely flavorful, portion size are huge, and the salsa and guacamole are great. What a day of eating!

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