Monday, April 6, 2009

Reason #31: Love. Without the Handles.

My first introduction to PopChips was when I was ordering oatmeal at Jamba Juice. There sitting on the counter was a large array of brightly packaged “All Natural” PopChips bags. There was barbeque chips, parmesan garlic, salt and pepper, wasabi rice, salsa corn, cheddar corn, sea salt & vinegar, and original potato chips. Being a snack fanatic, I wanted to try them out.

So I headed on over to PopChips website which boosts the tagline, “Love. Without the Handles.” Is it me or are companies 10 times wittier these days? As I read further I learned, PopChips are chips that are not fried, not baked, but are popped. Therefore they are able to simultaneously keep all the flavor in, while keeping half the fat of fried chips out. There are no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and no msg. My only concern was that the first ingredient was “Natural Potato Ingredients” and not potatoes. Well, I was fortunate to be sent five flavors to sample, so I dug in with an open mind:

Salt and Pepper
Reminded me of a perfectly seasoned baked potato with a crunch. They were light and airy, but they still had a lot of flavor. People who love Cracked Black Pepper or seasoned baked potatoes will love these.

I ate these with a Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese – a delicious light snack.

Bbq Potato Chip
Delicious – lots of barbeque flavor – probably is my favorite flavor of the chips.

Sea salt and Vinegar
Tangy, but not overpowering.

Parmesan Garlic
Delicious, I had never tried a chip in this flavor!

Now I know a lot of you eat potato chips more for great taste and crunch rather than health reasons. However, popchips taste delicious and aren’t as caloric and fattening as other chips. Each bag contains between 100-120 calories and approximately 20 chips per bag. Happy popping!

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