Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reason #50: My Summer Drink of 2009

Summer has begun! Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey Shore was a great time. We fortunately had beautiful weather, and we got to spend a lot of time out in the sunshine. Here is the house we rented out just two blocks from the beach....

And here are the roommates out:

While I love to socialize and go out, I am not much of a drinker (go figure, I am the only one with a drink in my hand above). I like the occasional glass of wine, or a gin and tonic on a hot day, but overall I am content with resorting to ice water. This weekend our fridge was stocked with options: Twisted Teas, Corona Lights, Champagne, Tonic Water, but I was in search of something else - a drink I could really enjoy, and I think I found it.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (Disclaimer: I went to school in North Carolina, and this drink is made for y'all my college friends)

Seriously this drink is amazing. The vodka is infused with tea leaves grown on a South Carolina plantation less than 5 miles from the distillery.

What does one mix with sweet tea flavored vodka?

I had it two ways:

Heavenly way: One part lemonade and one part Firefly vodka. That simple!

Original and Healthier way: 1 part Firefly Vodka, 1 part water, lemon to taste.

Depending on your desired sweetness level, use water or lemonade. My favorite way was to actually add the vodka, water, a splash of lemonade, and a lemon. I searched the firefly website for some nutritional information. I was counting on this drink to be "healthy," just tea, vodka, and water, but in actuality the vodka is made with real tea and real sugar. The ingredients are not listed because of recipe is secret. For 1.5 fluid ounces, there are 6.6g of sugar, and 110 calories. Clearly not the best nutrition facts, but the drink is good within moderation : )

Other flavored vodkas Firefly has are: raspberry tea, peach tea, mint tea, lemon tea, muscadine wine, and straight vodka. I tried the mint tea with water which tastes just like a mojito. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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