Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reason #49: The Jersey Shore

I clearly remember last Memorial Day Weekend when I received a phone call from my father on Sunday morning. I was spending my very first weekend in my shore house; a house that nine other girls and I rented out for the summer down at the Jersey shore. When my dad called I was half-asleep, had a hoarse voice, and was beginning to realize I was not in college anymore as I chugged water and Advil.

Me (scratchy voice, eyes half open, head on pillow): Hello?
Dad: Hey Gill!
Me: Oh hey, Dad.
Dad: Did you check out the paper this morning?
Me: Nope. I am not out of bed yet.
Dad: Oh...well, I think you are on the front cover.
Me (eyes open, head lifted): WHAT!?!
Dad: Oh so then you didn't see the camera man take the picture?
Me: Wait, what? I am on the cover. What is it of? ...million thoughts rushing through my mind
Dad: You are on the beach in your bathing suit with your friends.
Me (standing up): GAH! WHAT!

Five minutes, 2 blisters, 50 cents later, I had the New Jersey Star Ledger in my hand at the local 7-11. The caption read "Let the Summer Begin" and pictured was this:

If you glance through the 3,435,453 people laying down at the beach, I’m the pasty white one, sitting in chair, lounging with my hands behind my head....and yes, I’m in a bathing suit...along with the 3,435,452 others.

The picture was proudly hung on our house’s fridge and we still reminisce about our “photo shoot” on the first weekend. The picture was just a prelude to the carefree, fun summer ahead. While our weekdays were spent in the office, our weekend days were spent on the beach and weekend nights were spent sun-kissed and singing along to Bon Jovi at the bar.

I am eagerly awaiting what is in store for Jersey Shore Summer 2009. Once again, ten friends and I are renting out a shore house from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day weekend. Each weekend we will join the retreat of teachers, lawyers, bankers, and young professionals fleeing their city apartments and heading to their shore houses. The plan is simple – there is none. It is time to enjoy drinks with friends, relax in the sun on the beach, and have no schedule to follow.

As I stated above, for the most part, I will be surrounded with other young professionals. I know what a lot of people think about the “Joisey shore” – it is filled with wifebeater wearing, gelled hair kids that pump their fist in the air while listening to “Every Time we Touch” by Cascada. Take for instance the new show on E!, Jersey Shore Unleashed that portrays twelve crates of hair gel going to the hottest club east of the Garden State Parkway. The show characters even claim “we don’t pump gas, we pump fists.” Oy vey, Jersey always seems to get the bad rep. Real Housewives of New Jersey anyone?

While day time drinking, night time drinking, sun tanning, late night pizza, and little sleep may not be the formula for healthy living - socialization, balance and relaxation is key to a happy life! Here's to the summer ahead!


  1. That is HILARIOUS that you were on the cover of the newspaper in your bikini! A big claim to fame. I love summer, very excited for this one!

  2. Nice photo shoot! Haha... Way to go for living it up proper. Have a great holiday weekend!