Monday, March 30, 2009

Reason #25: “Race-y” Running Skirts

Some people have shoe obsessions, some people have food obsessions, others have handbag obsessions, but my obsession just happens to be dresses. I really don’t know when it all started. I grew up more as a tomboy then a girly girl, my aunt even told me I resembled the boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun in 8th grade. Hmm, maybe that was my turning point?
Anyway, these days you will probably only see me wearing dresses and skirts. And no, this is NOT a result of converting religions or my 5’9 body not being able to fit comfortably into jeans, it is simply because I love the dress. To me dresses are comfortable, feminine, easy to wear, and stylish. I personally think they compliment a female’s body perfectly and can easily transition from a work day to a night out with just a few accessories.

Even in the working world, I will always choose the skirt suit over the pant suit. In the coldest days in winter, I resort to thick tights and knee high boots. Sure there are times I will put on pants – pajama pants for bed, shorts to the gym, spandex for running, and occasionally (and reluctantly) jeans to a baseball game (and yes, my go-to-pair-of-jeans are my Gap Long and Leans from 9th grade). But at any chance I can get, I will slip into a dress.

So clearly I am a huge fan of the running skirts. I already can hear the groans from a few of my friends. Serious athletes don’t wear skirts, right?
Okay, let me first make it clear that I am not the girl at the gym who looks cute exercising. No, no, I am instead the girl sweating profusely, sporting a side ponytail (not on purpose), and wearing two different pairs of socks (ugh, unfortunately this is so true). In actuality, the skirts while cute, more importantly look comfortable and are the perfect remedy to camel toe and chaffing (not that I am a sufferer or anything).

My ONLY concerns/fears with the running skirt include the built-in shorts riding up my butt, accidentally mooning the racers behind me, or a huge gust of wind making me feel more like Marilyn Monroe than an actual runner. I guess there is only one way to find out, so I am going to go ahead and make the purchase.
What do you think? Do you OR would you wear running skirts?
If so, recommendations for running skirts would be appreciated.


  1. I was thinking about how much I want a running skirt for when I start running outside this summer!

  2. I love these skirts!!! But I am not sure I have a favorite yet sure checking them all out!

  3. Ok Bohr. Hell to the NO. Allow me to keep you grounded here. I assume you won't be wearing your sports bra top with it (so not you) so does that really look good with a t-shirt? I may also have to take your scholarship away if you wore that running with me (Ok, I'd be walking). And you totally know you'd be the girl I'd point at and crack a joke about on the trail if that ever crossed my path. I say this all with love. Running skirts are now on my big fat F-it list.

  4. i have 4 and really honestly dont wear them that much. i think they're cute, but i think i look like a tard wearing them.
    i always get mine on sale at nike outlets, nordstrom sales, i even got a puma skirt for $7 at ross once. and thats probably the only one i ever use.

  5. Thanks for the comments - I am going to go ahead and purchase a skirt. Ill test it out and see how it goes.....and ECJ, if you see me, I will forgive you for the finger pointing and laughs..

    I know youll be purchasing one soon after :)

  6. I am a pretty competitive runner but always have fun in mind.I constantly roll my waist band down over my running shorts not because I am overweight but as I have gotten older anything elastic around my waist bugs me. I got use to the low rider jeans and now can't wear anything else. I like things to fit me comfortably below my belly button. I decided to go into the Encinitas Running Skirts store and give a skirt a whirl. I saw many top runners wearing them at the San Dieguito Half Marthon and thought they looked kind of fun especially the plaid printed ones. I tried on the running skirts with compression shorts underneath and couldn't believe how comfortable it was. The fit was so good and my butt and legs actually looked and felt smaller in the skirt. I bought it and did my first run in it. It was so comfortable and I'm ready to buy another one. I also washed it by hand and hung it to dry. It dried very quickly. I think these skirts are super comfortable, fashionable and something new and different than boring old black running shorts. Try one you will be surprised you did. Trish