Friday, March 27, 2009

Reason #23: Pumping the Wine and Feeling Lucky

So guess what came in the mail yesterday? Jillian Michaels 30-day shred! Since I am going to dinner and drinks tonight, I thought this morning would be the perfect opportunity to start Day 1 of the workout video. So when my alarm clock went off at 6am, I put on my sneaks, popped in the DVD, only to realize that I do not have the required 3-5lb weights. I quickly tried to improvise a pair of dumbbells - two bottles of shampoo? No they werent full. Cans of beans? Too light. Two large bottles of wine? Perfect! So I grabbed the wine and started the workout. Aside from looking ridiculous pumping wine, I got a good workout in - Jillian sure loves the lunges. There is no rest in the workout (which I like), and it goes by so quickly. Jillian bases her workout on 3 minutes strength (pumping wine bottles in my case), 2 minutes cardio (jumping jacks and butt kicks), and 1 minute abs (I kind of wish more time was allocated for abs). Since the workout is just 20 minutes I figure I have no excuse to not do it everyday. So let the shredding begin. While Level 1 was a good workout, I think I can push it to Level 2, which I will try out tomorrow. Or maybe I should try out the shred with actual weights first...

On another note, I won my first "giveaway" contest today! EatFabinNYC was giving away a $25 gift certificate to "mix my own granola," and I just happened to win! Here is the company's story of how it all started:

Andreas, Matt and Raoul founded MixMyGranola in 2008. The idea of MixMyGranola was born when the three of us were sitting together at breakfast one morning discussing what the perfect granola would be like. Each one of us had different ideas and none of the ready-made granolas that we could find in supermarkets and grocery stores really fulfilled all of our granola dreams. So we started looking for the best granolas and the best ingredients and started creating our own granola mixes. While trying new combinations and new ingredients, we thought: hey- other people might want to do the same. So we created The website where YOU can custom-make your own granola. The way YOU like it!

So clearly I came up with my own mix of granola as well as my own granola name:
NAME: SirMixALot Granola
INGREDIENTS: Low Fat Granola (baby dont want too much back), Goji Berries, Bing Cherries, Organic Dried Apples, Macademia Nuts, Cocoa Crisp Bites

Cant wait to try it out!


  1. Man I want to shred! 20-minutes...that's about right for me. And the best part. NO RUNNING.

  2. A lot of people use soup cans or water bottles without weights -- wine sounds heavy to me! I bought some weights for this. Have fun!