Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reason #8: Baby we were born to run...

I signed up for a half marathon! I will be running 13.1 miles on May 3 in Long Branch, NJ for the second time. Last year I had hurt my left knee, but since I was already registered for the race, I intended to just walk it. I hadn’t run three weeks prior to the race in an attempt to heal my knee. However, once I heard the cheering crowd and was surrounded on all sides by runners, my adrenaline rushed, and my fast walk turned into a jog. While I ran/walked my first mile in 14 minutes, I ended up averaging 7:30 for my last three and a half miles. I recommend this race as the terrain is pretty flat, there is a good amount of cheering spectators, and part of the run is along the Jersey shore! I am aiming for a time under two hours this year! Below is a picture of my boyfriend's sister, my boyfriend, and myself after the race.

I also entered into the NYC Marathon lottery, so Im crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky chosen ones to run on November 1. I find out in June. Apparently there are more than 100,000 applicants annually, and 50,000 people are rejected every year. I always said if I am going to do a marathon, I want to do New York! Aside from attracting world-class professional athletes, the race is before two million cheering spectators and 315 million worldwide television views.

Below is a workout plan I am using to get myself prepared for the half marathon (I am having trouble posting charts on here, so I have attached the link). I currently run about six miles a day, so it looks like Sunday will be the real challenge.

Training Schedule

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