Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reason #65: The Kind Stranger

New York City has a reputation for being a fast-paced, high-strung city. You got a problem with that? While New Yorkers don't mind correcting you, they also want to help you. One of my favorite articles in New York Magazine was the Daily Intel article, "Have You Ever Depended On the Kindness of Strangers?"

NYMag asked its readers to write about the times one has experienced random, surprising acts of kindness or generosity from strangers. As I reminisced about the past, a personal (and awkward) encounter with a stranger was worth writing in about....

The Dress Code
While my work day mornings are hectic, they are also very routine. I wake up, work out, jump in the shower, dry my hair, open my closet, try an outfit on, try another outfit on, pack my lunch, head out the door, get on the bus, and walk 0.8 miles to work.

As I was walking to work one summer morning in midtown, a young attractive man tapped me on the shoulder. "Excuse me miss," he said in his British accent. "This may be very awkward, but since no one else has already told you, your dress is unzipped." For a moment I froze. Then I reached my hand to the back of my black Oleg Cassini dress. Sure enough, the back zipper to my dress was completely down. GAH! The guy then proceeded, "I can't believe you have been walking and no one has mentioned anything to you. This may be very awkward, but do you want me to help you zip it up?" Perhaps I was caught up in the moment, but my first reaction was to just turn around. So there, in the middle of midtown, a complete stranger put down his coffee and zipped me up. Red-faced and blushing, I thanked him and off we went our separate ways. Awkward? Yes. Embarrassing? Yes. But also very kind.

Life is Kind. What's Next?


  1. I love that you are back!!! Great story, yes it was embarrassing but how funny is it now!

  2. This is a sex & the city episode!