Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reason #59: Banana Soft Serve

Sometimes after a long, hot run, all I want to eat is something delicious and refreshing. While mint chocolate chip ice cream is appealing, I know it is not the best way to refuel. Here is where banana soft serve comes into play.

I came across the simple recipe a few months ago from a fellow blogger, Gena. The title of her post was, "This Post Will Change Your Life." She introduced a treat that was 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% unprocessed, and 100% delicious. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided it was worth a shot.

The recipe is as follows:

Take 2 bananas, unpeel them, freeze them in ziplock bags or in tupperware.

Take the frozen bananas and throw them in your blender/food processor/Magic Bullet.

Add a 1/4 cup of almond milk. I love it with the chocolate almond milk, but regular milk will do just fine. (Gena's recipe doesn't call for the milk, but I think it gives it extra creaminess)

Turn the processor on and let it run for five minutes. You may need to scrape the blade a few times.

Scoop out of processor and enjoy!

After eating this numerous times, I have enjoyed it with some extra additions:

- Fresh raspberries
- Chocolate chips
- Peanut Butter
- Frozen or fresh strawberries

The options are endless. Give it a shot, you'll be amazed at the simplicity and deliciousness of the treat!

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