Monday, July 13, 2009

Reason #55: Uniform Project

While some people have shoe obsessions, bag obsessions, jeans obsessions, I have a slight dress obsession. While organizing my closet this weekend to add six brand new dresses to the closet (thanks to my fashionista sister and her sample sales), I realized I literally had no room. So instead of donating a few dresses to Goodwill, I reached for the 25% of my closet that is not comprised of dresses (blazers, pants (yes I do own them), shirts) to ship out and make more room for, well, these new dresses.

As I have stated in previous posts, my obsession with dresses is based on the reasoning that 1) it is the simplest outfit to pick out when rolling out of bed in the morning, 2) I think it compliments a girl's figure better than any blouse/suit/pant, and 3) it can easily be dressed up, dressed down, or be taken from day to night. Therefore, my closet is not organized by colors, or by types of clothing, but instead by types of dress:

Long gown(s) - cocktail dress(es)- simple black dress(es) - night out dress(es) - day time dress(es) - cover up(s) - work dress(es) - suit dress(es) -skirt(s)- and then some blazers, pants, shirts squished in the right side of the closet.

As I was fretting over my overwhelming 100+ dress situation and swearing to never ever spend another penny on clothing, I hopped on facebook as a distraction. My other sister had posted a link on her page to which more or less set off a light bulb.

The Uniform Project is "an exercise in sustainable fashion." A woman has planned to wear a versatile, multi-season black button down minidress everyday for the next 365 days (she has seven of the same identical dresses for each day of the week). As I manuevered through the site, the same basic dress was adorned in an endless array of styles based on the accessories.

The dress:
The Dress with Accessories:

While I was impressed by the practicality and versatility of her endeavor, I do realize accessories are costly and take up room too. However, you can do a lot with just one perfect dress.

The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akansha Foundation's School Project, which pays for unifroms and other education expenses for children living in India's slums.

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