Monday, April 13, 2009

Reason #34: Easter Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, I took a break from the blogosphere for the holiday, but I am back with an Easter Weekend Top Ten Highlights:

1. Saturday morning I purchased a new computer! After reading reviews and watching the store sales, my father, sister, and I headed over to Staples to check out their computers. While I have developed a “computer crush” on the Mac Notebook, my work databases can not be installed on them, so I resorted to choosing the reliable, loyal HP. I bought the HP dv6 1030 notebook, and I love it! And as for my old Dell, it was a tumultuous 7-year relationship that I am happy to report has ended for good. Sidenote: My sister and I experienced ‘back to school’ shopping nostalgia at Staples and almost skipped down the aisles. Anyone else remember the “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” back to school commercials?

2. Since I was traveling home to my parent’s house for the weekend, I decided to bring Jillian and the 30-Day Shred workout video home with me. While I completed Day 13 and Day 14 of the Shred, my sister actually did 3 workouts (all three levels) within 24 hours. Let’s just say I heard some groans when she went to kneel in church on Easter from the soreness….She is a Shred convert and went on and purchased the video today!

3. What do you call three grown sisters, 8 eggs, and a giggling father? Yep, the annual 2009 family egg hunt.

4. This weekend I was scheduled for my long run – 12 miles. So I headed out Saturday afternoon for a long, steady pace on my old stomping grounds. Note to Self: When looking to run long distance on flat ground, avoid running in towns called Mountainside and avoid running on roads called Mountain Avenue.

5. Two months ago my father started swimming…and he has not stopped. I have even given him the nickname “Merman” because of his daily mile workouts. Aside from improving his overall health, he has lost twenty pounds thus far. He is now the poster child adult for exercising and healthy eating!

6. Best reaction to a present? My oldest sister’s glee of excitement when she received the Shakespeare: Bard Game. Can you guess she is an English professor?

7. My other sister works for Chanel and is constantly dressed head to toe in the designer gear. Every so often, she has an extra article of clothing or accessory she gives to her very grateful little sister (me). This time she brought home Chanel cashmere shorts…my first thought was she was bringing home the newest fashion trend, harem pants(im terrified of this trend - see pic below). But fortunately, they are instead adorable shorts I can sport to work. I love them and will post a picture when I wear them!
8. My Irish Catholic family spent Easter dinner at the Spanish Tavern drinking sangria and eating paella. Delish!

9. Favorites of the weekend:
  • Favorite indulgence of the weekend: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bon Bons
  • Favorite meal of the weekend: Dad’s Chinese Bok Choy stir fry.
  • Favorite condiment of the weekend: Plum sauce.
  • Favorite recipe idea: Chickpea Ragout
  • Favorite cheese: Manchego
10. Now that I am older I realize the importance of family. With my sister and brother-in-law four hours away and my other sister’s travel and work schedule, there are only a few times a year we all can get together, but the few times we are together are the happiest times. Happy Easter to all!

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  1. awww how cute! Thanks for the congrats!

    I have a close friend that works for chanel!! Her name is Rachelle... She gave me this makeup goodie bag that was insane! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful family!