Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reason #11: Too Good to be True?

You know those times when you are skeptical and think "no way, this is too good to be true?" For instance, when the brownie sundae covered in hot fudge you are chowing down is a mere 100 calories? Or the flight to Miami you are booking is just $99? Or the designer bag you have been hunting is 80% off and you are not in Chinatown! All of these just seem too good to be true!

Well, I came across another "too good to be true" moment. offers $25 gift certificates to QUALITY restaurants and only charges you $10 (last week it was only $4, back in October it was $2!). Therefore, if you had taken advantage of the $25 gift certificate for $4 last week, you and your friend could have gone out to dinner, spent about $35 total, and paid about $14 instead! ($4 fee + $35 meal charge - $25 gift certificate = $14 dollars! (not including tip)).

Given current economic condition, restaurant managers are doing everything to stay in touch with diners. The company has partnered with thousands of restaurants nationwide to connect diners with promotional money-saving gift certificates. It is a win-win situation. Customer gets discounted meal and the restaurant gets filled tables and new customers!

To get your gift certificate, simply type in your zip code, and restaurants in the area will pop up that are participating in this deal. Here are a few examples of participating restaurants:

New York- (All zip codes) – Outrageous amounts of restaurants included – see for yourself.

Hoboken, NJ -07030 (1 mile radius) – Restaurants include Gaslight, Liberty Bar, Nine, Texas Arizona, Mile Square, etc

Raleigh, NC 27603 (5 mile radius) – Restaurants include Amedeo’s, Jerk Masters, La Piazza, The Big Easy, The Gourmet Factory, etc.

Chicago, IL – 60657 (1 mile radius) Restaurants include Erwin, Fernando’s, Hounds Tooth, Vines Wine, etc.

Simply go to “”, choose a restaurant you want to dine at, purchase the gift certificate online, and a copy of the gift certificate will be emailed to you for printing.

Yes, there are a few terms which are specific to each restaurant. Such as:

- You need to spend $35 at the restaurant to use the certificate
- You must dine in, no take out.
- The company guarantees the certificates. You will be refunded if you have any trouble using it.
- You are not allowed to use two certificates at the same time.
- City folks will definitely get more choices in small towns, but they are expanding!

As the website says, EAT. DRINK. SAVE MONEY!

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